Q & A Dressed'n-case

Some A's to your Q's

About Dressed'n-case...


Q: How do I know what size I am?

A: Please follow our size chart for Dresses'n-case, you can't go wrong. The fit comes from above your bust and the width of your back this is why it's so flattering on all women! (no bust or hip shape, so yes curvy women... follow this chart)
XS: Dress 0-6
S: Dress 8-10
M: Dress 12
L: Dress 14-16
XL: Plus 1 , Plus 2
Q: What do I do with my items I put in the bag? 
A: You simply put them in the pocket of your dress.
Q: How do I wash my Dressed'n-case?
A: We suggest you machine wash in cold water and hang dry for best results.
Q: How do I turn my dress back into a bag?
A: Simply flip the pocket inside out BEFORE stuffing the dress into the pocket.
Q: Will the fabric fade in the sun?
A: No, our custom fabric uses ink that is fade resistant in the sun?
Q: Is it better to buy bigger then smaller when I am deciding on a Dressed'n-case size?
A: It is best to follow the sizing chart. Our sizes in the chart are accurate.
How will I remember how to wear my Dressed'n-case all 7 ways?  
A: We've got you covered! We put many videos and photos in the drop down under Dressed'n-case as well as on our Kimberly Rosa Youtube channel. Please remember that your tag is a step by step booklet, so don't throw it away. It shows just the basic way on how to wear your cover-up but is a good start to remember all the ways. Tip: It always starts in the Hula Hoop position to start no matter which way you want to wear it.