Step by Step Photos

6 Ways to Wear Dressed'n-case
(Note: Flip pocket inside out and stuff dress in to make dress back into a bag)

The Basic Twist:
1. Starts as a purse

2. Pull dress out of bag

3. Around body: Hula Hoop

4. Twist Once

5. Twist Twice

6. Put strap over head
(Option: Belt under bust)

The One Shoulder:
1. Hula Hoop, angle strap left

2. Twist once, left arm through

3. Bring under fabric across bust

The Vest:

1. Back to Hula Hoop

2. Bring strap behing head

3. Option: Layer over clothes

The Belted Cross Over:


1. Untie bag strap to use as a belt

2. Cross over both sides

3. Tie belt to secure
The Top:

1. Take vest ends in hands

2. Tie vest ends to side or center

3. Tie knot & wear as a top
The Skirt / Tube Top:

1. Dress around hip to left

2. Tie strap in a knot

3. Wear as a skirt or pull above
bust as a tube dress